Your A-Z to germ-free.

Azenity Labs was created by a team of renowned healthcare authorities, social justice advocates, business leaders, germ geniuses, brand-builders, scientists, service workers and everyday office commuters who understand the anxiety of reopening and want to ease the stress of staying open. Our mission is to deliver a new standard for germ-free work environments that builds renewed and mutual trust and confidence between employees and employers. We’ve built (and continue to grow) a team ready to deliver on that promise from A to Z.

Meet our team.

Germs are always on the move. It’s up to these people to strategize, research, discover and deliver the smartest approaches to commercial disinfecting and infection prevention on the planet. Get to know experts in the Labs.

The Team


What it means to be an Azenity Labs Germ Genius.

The best and most profitable investment is not a business or a hot stock tip. It’s in people and their potential. Here’s how we show it.

Germ Geniuses carry out the mission of Azenity Labs. They’re in the field every day, making schools, offices, warehouses and other spaces safe so more people can get back to work.

Each month, we open our books to our employees and teach every Germ Genius how to read financial statements and spot business trends. We know that if we invest in our people, teach them how the business works and give them equity in it, that we can break down barriers and build a company that changes more than just our corner of the commercial disinfecting industry.

Teaching people about entrepreneurship and ownership is a game-changer. And that’s what we’re creating at Azenity Labs.

You won’t replace generational poverty with jobs, especially not wage-earning jobs. You can only replace generational poverty with generational wealth. That’s why every single member of our team owns a piece of this business.

— Pete Kadens, Azenity Labs Founder

All Azenity team members are equity shareholders with a seat at the table.

Everyone can be an entrepreneur. We depend on that level of passion, energy and fresh ideas to stay at the top of our class. It’s also why all of our equity owners get trained on every element of running this business and making it better every day.

You’re seen at Azenity Labs. You’re heard. You have a seat at the table. All members of our team feel and understand their impact on the company and our customers.

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