Infection prevention focused on your unique industry challenges.

Each business has distinctive needs and contamination trends when it comes to infection prevention. That’s why we’re constantly using data and best practices to perfect the way we help you protect your people from COVID-19.



Partners that do things right

The term partnership gets thrown around too much. To me, it means deep care shown to another person or organization so that both entities can mutually grow. Azenity Labs is, indeed, a true partner. Through Cara, I have worked with Azenity Labs as both a customer and as a source of talent. They very simply do things right. Making Cara’s workplaces safe AND providing pathways out of generational poverty for our noble program participants…that’s just AZENITY AWESOME! I am beyond proud of our partnership.

— Pat Murray, Cara Business Development Director


Responsive, timely and incredible service

Azenity Labs helps us maintain the high standards of cleanliness and safety our members expect. Quick to respond and consistent, they pay close attention to our needs, know our space as well as we do and even provide follow-up photos after each enhanced cleaning service. It gives us — and our members — peace of mind.

— Randy Bauwens, Exmoor Country Club, Highland Park, IL

Schools & Daycares

A global pandemic is just one obstacle for reopening schools & daycares. There’s also cold/flu season, allergies, security issues, high-traffic areas, and other high-touch concerns that call for proper sanitizing.

Azenity Labs delivers a customized and sustainable approach for a clean, safe and consistent learning environment that keeps everything in mind.

• Our assessment identifies high-risk zones and how to mitigate them.
• Disinfectants are guaranteed safe for humans — and class pets!
• Scheduled, emergency, on-demand and long-lasting services available.
• Reports and testing help you assure the community that the school is properly sanitized.


Students protected from germs & harmful disinfectants


Total square feet disinfected

Commercial Office Buildings

High-traffic and high-touch areas, like kitchens, bathrooms and meeting rooms, are obvious risk zones.

But Azenity Labs’ ATP testing and traffic pattern analysis can help you identify potential hot spots, predict behavioral changes and plot out your long-term disinfecting strategy that keeps your office clean, safe and open.

• On-site porter services keep hot spots disinfected during open hours.
• Regular testing & analysis keeps you ahead of contamination risks.
• Emergency and on-demand services keep your office responsive.
• Data and reporting helps track progress and demonstrate ROI.

Gyms & Fitness Centers

Maintaining cleanliness and safety standards is nothing new to your team. But COVID-19 presents many new challenges to health & wellness businesses.

Data-driven recommendations and services by Azenity Labs can help you level up your disinfecting maintenance plan and keep up with stringent requirements.

• Data keeps you ahead of contamination trends — and cold/flu season.
• On-site porter services can maintain high-traffic areas during open hours.
• Emergency cleaning services help you quickly respond to COVID-19 concerns.
• Microbial application offers long-lasting disinfecting power for equipment.


Cleanliness has long been the cornerstone of trust in hotels. Today, your guests require extra assurances that your hotel is a safe place to feel at home.

Traffic patterns analysis can help you identify high-risk zones in your hotel — even if your guest population changes every day. Azenity Labs can help prescribe disinfecting methods and frequency to keep up with the pace of hospitality.

• Scheduled disinfecting add assurance to existing cleaning protocols.
• Rapidly responds to possible cases with emergency cleaning services.
• On-site porter services keep busy spaces disinfected during operating hours.
• Track & report on contamination trends to protect and assure your guests.


Germ Genius hand-washing sessions


Creating a clean & safe environment for your restaurant’s patrons is just as important as maintaining a germ-free workplace for your restaurant’s employees.

Every restaurant is different. That’s why the Azenity Labs process begins with an assessment that identifies where your high-risk zones are and what to do about them. Our data-driven approach can help you get ahead of contamination, keeping patrons and employees healthy and safe.

• Traffic pattern analysis helps identify high-risk zones and how to disinfect.
• Scheduled disinfecting services maintain high standards of cleanliness.
• Disinfectant chemicals are formulated to be safe for humans, yet effective.
• Respond quickly to possible COVID-19 cases with emergency cleaning services.

Retail Stores

Guaranteeing a clean, safe environment for people to shop — and work — is an essential step for retail stores getting back to business.

Rethinking the high-touch experience is big challenge. Azenity Labs can help you identify your store’s high-risk areas and customize a sustainable approach for disinfecting a space.

• Disinfectants are safe for humans (and pets) and won’t leave a residue.
• Long-lasting antimicrobial application protects in between cleaning.
• Emergency and on-demand services keep your shop responsive.


COVID-19 surface tests conducted to identify high-risk zones

Warehouses & Manufacturing

Around-the-clock productivity meets a hands-on, high-touch environment with contamination challenges. Azenity Labs has the data & disinfecting power to confront those challenges.

Stay ahead of contamination trends and keep your workforce safe with Azenity Labs’ data-driven approach to disinfecting warehouses and manufacturing workspaces.

ATP testing and traffic pattern analysis can help you identify potential hot spots, predict behavioral changes and plot out your long-term disinfecting strategy that keeps your office clean, safe and open.

• Predict high-risk zones and seasonal behavioral changes with testing.
• Respond and recover from possible cases with emergency services.
• Harness data and reporting to track progress and demonstrate ROI.