Infection prevention in three simple, smart & scientific steps.

Commercial disinfecting and infection prevention is serious business. Our three-part process makes it easy to see and understand how to maintain a disinfected, clean and safe space. Take a minute to see how it works.

Free Assessment


Treatment & Custom Plan


Infection Prevention Reporting


COVID-19 surface tests conducted & analyzed

Your FREE assessment shines a light on germs.

See what you’re up against and learn how to stave off germs set on disrupting your school or business. Our comprehensive assessment includes:


We use luminometers to get a clear measurement of contaminants and identify the high-touch and high-risk surfaces in your space.


Get a detailed list of what surfaces and threats are in your space and instructions on how to keep them disinfected and clean.

Service Plans Include:

Take on the new normal with a customized disinfecting maintenance plan.

Get a sound strategy and playbook to support your business continuity and ability to respond to whatever comes next.

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Infection prevention reporting for results you can see and share.

Take the mystery out of disinfecting services. Log into your infection prevention portal to see reports, footage and our latest metrics on disinfecting success in your school or business. Here’s a preview of what’s inside.


  • In-depth reviews put our services to the test
  • Point-by-point process verification & validation
  • ATP testing before & after to report effectiveness
  • Assurance we’re using the latest/greatest science


  • See exactly how we disinfect & respect your space
  • Feel confident that protocols are being followed
  • Footage helps us ensure worker safety
  • Documentation helps us train & improve workers too


  • Stopwatch tests ensure contact-time requirements
  • Complete EPA, CDC & WHO standards compliance
  • Regular testing to ensure proper disinfectant levels
  • Fully licensed, bonded and liability insured


  • Regular lab testing of chemical agents’ effectiveness
  • Understanding of pathogens and bacteria present in each client space
  • Measured reduction of microorganisms on every surface we spray in your space

Get smart about the way you protect your workforce, students & clients with data-driven infection prevention.

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