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Partner with Azenity to protect your staff, students & clients from COVID-19 with smart infection prevention. See how it works ›

Data from germ testing and analysis helps us identify and mitigate high-risk zones — preventing outbreaks before they interrupt your business or school operations.

Your custom infection prevention strategy helps you maintain a school or place of business that stands up against the threats of COVID, cold/flu season and everyday germs.

Cleanliness can be measured! We love to test for it, regularly. Success to us means 99.999% reduction on every surface we spray. Get germ reduction you can see and report to your community.

The smartest infection prevention on the market.
3 steps for your A to Z to germ-free.


Free Assessment

Test for germs and identify your high-risk zones with our comprehensive assessment.


Treatment & Custom Plan

We disinfect your space and deliver a sustainable playbook for maintaining a clean, safe space.


Infection Prevention Reporting

View reports, body-cam footage and latest metrics for preventing infection for the long term.

Germs are sneaky. You often don’t know where they are until it’s too late.

Rethink the way you fight & prevent infection.  With clean intelligence.

Testing data, microbial reporting and predictive analytics power our clean intelligence. It helps us track contamination trends and identify high-risk zones.

Then we deliver smart infection prevention with results you can see.

Confidence & clarity powered by data


Responsive, timely and incredible service

Azenity Labs helps us maintain the high standards of cleanliness and safety our members expect. Quick to respond and consistent, they pay close attention to our needs, know our space as well as we do and even provide follow-up photos after each enhanced cleaning service. It gives us — and our members — peace of mind.

— Randy Bauwens, Exmoor Country Club, Highland Park, IL

Azenity Technicians
Germ Genius hand-washing sessions

Disrupting germs:

One handwashing, one electrostatic spray at a time.

Curbing COVID-19 or any disease is a team effort. We wear our masks, we wash our hands, we keep our surfaces clean. At Azenity Labs, working together helps us innovate the way we prevent infection and how our business is run.

See what makes us a great team — your clean team.

Stopping the spread by the numbers.


Total square feet disinfected


Students protected from germs & harmful disinfectants


COVID-19 surface tests conducted & analyzed

See what you’re up against and let’s get disinfecting.

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